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Muy corto (too short)

El juego es demasiado corto, lo terminé en 4:38.

Very intriguing.

Manipulate and decipher objects to figure out the puzzle to access the next step. Makes you really think about new or unusual ways to accomplish the task. Hope there is more to come or an update to puzzle the next horizon.


I love puzzles and escape room games, I’m always searching for the best games. This game is by far one of the best I’ve ever played!! Thank you for this game. 😁


Love this game i hope Arabic language will add peace from IRAQ 🤜🏻🤜🏻 🇮🇶

Fun but short

Wish it was a longer game

Loved it

Took me awhile to get through it, but found it enjoyable.

Nice adventure

I really enjoyed the game. Very similar to the Room series. Some very nice surprises.

Access on other devices

I really like the game but my only problem is I prefer to play it on my iPad and sometimes when I’m on the go and don’t have my iPad it would be nice to be able to play on my phone. Unfortunately there is no way to access my saved profile on any other devices.

Awesome game

Super graphics , super game

Need hints, and better than given

My best advice to developers is to have intelligent people outside their development team to try it first. I love The Room games, they can be challenging at times, but it is intuitive. This game is not, Leonardo would be very disappointed. What makes it more frustrating is when you believe you know what you should be doing - and in the end you were right, but the game doesn’t respond unless you are exactly you are in the right perspective to tap the exact place. Nice try peeps, the graphics are great, so cudo’s to that team - but your intellectual development team needs some critical thinking training (something lost on the young ones) and you need to get an intelligent test group.

Good imitation of “The Room” games.

I did enjoy this game, however there were times I was wondering what to do next. The hints leave a lot to be desired.

Bugs to fix

I see some people are not having issues, and some people are. There is still a bug fairly early in the game. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: I’m supposed to draw out a geometrical shape, but areas in the shape are completely unresponsive to my touch, making it literally impossible to move forward in the game. I’m playing on an iPhone 7s.

Waste of time

It’s got too many glitches. I’m having to work way too hard to get through this game because something isn’t working the way it should.

The Room ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"Ermahgawd its The Room!" Yes, and The Room is Myst, and Castlevania is Metroid, and every point and click adventure is a rip off of Kings Quest which is DnD with moving pictures. To be sure, this is almost exactly like The Room in just about every aspect, but it does have its own charm, and if you like The Room, you'll like this. Immitation is the highest form of flattery, and this is significantly better than a lot of the escape room type of games that have generic graphics, and static environments. A lot of care really went into this, and its worth the price and play through.

Fun but Needs Work

I really enjoyed the game itself, but I felt like the interaction with some of the puzzles was difficult. The game didn't respond well to touch.

Beautiful and promising but too frustrating to finish

The graphics are beautiful and the music is delicate and amazing. The game mechanics are so finicky and frustrating that I have given up on the game several times because I’ve stopped enjoying it. Yes, it’s similar to the Room games, and that was why I purchased it in the first place. I love puzzle games, I looked forward to the overall storyline, the game is beautiful (if a bit dark on an iPhone 7+ with up to date iOS) and the music suits the atmosphere perfectly. The main difference for me is that the Room game mechanics are effortless and mostly intuitive. I rarely had any experience in any of the Room games where I was frustrated just trying to move a piece along a track. In contrast, this game is tetchy, finicky, and fiddly. I don’t know that I would call it buggy or glitchy, but maybe poorly programmed. The hint system is endlessly frustrating too. When I got tired of trying to fiddle with some puzzle piece or drawer or slider, I’d give in and check a hint only to be told something obvious I was already doing. It’s a beautiful game with soothing music but I’m deleting it from my phone because it’s not relaxing to play and I’m tired of struggling with it. It’s almost there, guys! Let me know if you decide to smooth out the mechanics of it and I’ll gladly try it again!

Bugs with gem puzzle

Seeing online a lot of bugs. I had to quit game at the gem puzzle. Gems wouldn’t slide toward the direction to unlock levers. Had several try on my iPad and it just kept turning the wheel vs letting the gem slide to unlock levers.


This game is great! Had me stumped quite a few times! Sure does present a wonderful challenge!

Great game!

If you like the Room games then you will love this! Everything is so detailed and it’s difficult but not too difficult you can’t figure it out after a few minutes. The only thing that frustrated me in this game was that I was too quick for it. It would give me hints to something that literally was not there, until I exit out of the game and refreshed it and went back in and it was there! That was the only annoying thing about it. Everything else was amazing!!

More please!

Yes I realize it's a copy of The Room but I really liked it BECAUSE it was like The Room. I have an older iPad 2 and can't upgrade to OS 10 so I'm stuck now on the Room series. It was great to find a similar game. Very challenging. I did get stuck a few times, and it took me 5.5 hrs to finish. Great for an international plane trip, which is what I wanted it for. I will buy the sequel if they make it compatible with my OS.

To expensive

This game is not good for the price to expensive !

Not The Room but Not Bad

Clearly designed to take on “The Room” this game is a little less polished than that series but still pretty good. Graphics are good but the puzzles are uneven .. some being tortuous to solve, others taking only a few seconds. Overall fun though.

Absolutely amazing !

This game will keep you interested and amused for hours. I had a blast. The challenges were very complex. I must admit that I did get frustrated at times. But it was all worth it in the end. I look forward to more games like this from Blue Brain. Great job team !

Loved the game, but...

It doesn’t really end. I’m at the cliffhanger, but no word on how long of a wait. I sure hope there’s more to come for the additional storyline? Great job on the graphics and story, but some of the hints weren’t as incremental as I would’ve liked for building on each other. Some were just flat unhelpful. Really great puzzles though. Please give us a heads up for the next part’s release.

No refunds

Wanted a 1.99 game got 4.99 game. Had no refunds. Just want money back.

If you liked the Room series

You will love this game! Just get it.


I loved this game. Please make another one. If you are going to, when will it come out?


Stellar game not long enough to be worth $5 tho.



Definitely better than the room

It’s kind of like the room with some stuff but it’s way better. The only thing is that I wanted to turn the background music off and keep the sound effects on, I couldn’t figure out how to do that. But I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who love escape games.

easily the best mobile puzzle game ever developed

wow, blue brain. this is a tour de force. exactly what mobile gaming needs. please keep it up.

Good game, terrible hints.

“You should complete that puzzle.” Really? I thought if I stared at it long enough it’d solve itself. “That cross fits somewhere.” “I think I found a place that cross goes.” You just said the same thing twice and its equally unhelpful.

Fun game

Some of the puzzles are frustrating, but that makes them much more fun.

Fun game! But...

“The House of Da Vinci” is a very fun, challenging puzzle game. However, it is a DIRECT RIP-OFF of “The Room” series. I’ve been a fan of “The Room” games since the first game came out, and this game is like a copy. It reminds of a friend who copied a book report online, but only changed a little bit of it so he could get credit. And he got away with it! Kind of like this game. However, aside from “THODV” being a blatant copy of “The Room”, it is very interesting and has a good story line.

Great game

Given the length of the game, i feel it’s worth more than 5 bulks. Lots of puzzles are carefully designed. My only complaint is that, partly because the scenes in the app are dark, a few puzzles are too hidden to be found unless you are lucky enough that your big finger taps on a tiny area. Maybe I have this problem because I was playing it on a phone not on iPad.

House of davinci

Best game I have ever played!!!!!


Great graphics, similar to the room but I am stuck trying to put the three pointed star on to the three pointed protrusion on the map within the globe. It won’t let me do it even though I know it goes there. I’m only in the beginning of the game and I cannot proceed. Frustrating


I was excited about playing this game. Problem ...NO SOUND!

New chapters

The game is great but it needs more chapters.

Da vinci

El juego esta emocionante tiene muchos niveles donde nos hace pensar lo recomiendo mucho.


Awesome as usual


Yes, the puzzles were very similar to the room but that’s what I was looking for so that’s a good thing. My problem is that the visuals are very dark. I had trouble seeing a lot of screens and the objects in them if there was any light coming in through a window. So I had to play it in the evening.

Must line up perfectly

I like the and I would recommend it, but there are parts of require perfection above and beyond the call of duty. For example, to slide a piece from one place to another, the two places and the piece must be perfectly aligned or you will not be able to slide the piece. This kind of detail is frustrating.

Waaay worth the purchase

I have tried so many different puzzle games, and this is one of the best. It really keeps you engaged and has a beautiful story line


Enjoyed this game...far better than just an escape room game, and far better detail. I found it ended sooner than I expected and I was a bit disappointed with the end, it that’s just me, guess I just wanted more....

Great casual puzzle game

A very nice, well polished game with great visual design. Puzzles were fun and at most of moderate difficulty. Looking forward to the second one in this series.

Love Love LOVE!!

Developers: Don't listen to people who say it is similar to the last...that's why we love it! New puzzles, new storyline and the best graphics, bar none. Keep up the good work. I will immediately buy every game you ever make.

I wouldn’t recommend for a small screen

I feel like the user interface is meant for a bigger touch screen, my fat fingers can’t slide things with ease as well as games like the room which worked perfectly for me regardless. Made the overall experience very frustrating. When you know what to do but you can’t it makes you feel like Shrek trying to pick up sushi with chopsticks made for mice. Anyway, overall very pretty. Sounds are fantastic. Story’s meh. Puzzles are fun. Gameplay screwed me. Again. Don’t play this on a small screen or you’ll want to slam your face into a window.

Great puzzles

Loved it. Wish it was longer though. Maybe add a sequel ?

Fun game, though glitchy

Enjoyed this game, similar to The Room series. Had some problems with the ocular device not engaging when it should, had to close/restart the game. Would recommend.

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