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Awesomely Fun!!

Beautifully rendered, great story line, and really cool puzzles. This is one of the best!! Don’t expect new powerful games to run well on your old, crappy device. Reality check!

House of DaVinci

As with other games of this group this is an excellent game. Full of surprises and I enjoy that if you do get stuck there are clues, but only if you want them. Good work people. Thanks. This is not a sit down in one swoop start and finish game. As I was reading some of the reviews I see that many people were having issues with the occuli. I also had an issue but just kept loading it and reloading it till it worked. Worked every time. Didn't have to restart at all. Most of the time it only took once. One time it took seven hits. It's still a great game. I have an I phone 5

A masterpiece!

This puzzle is the most amazing I’ve ever played! The story is so compelling, the detail is mind blowing, and the graphics are fantastic! I need like a eleventy billion more games immediately. Or I will die of puzzle starvation.

Cant get past glitches

I am using iPad Pro v 11.2.6. I have tried and tried to hit target above door but it will not align. I have the most updated version of the game. I am very unhappy to have paid 4.99 for a game I am unable to complete simply due to a glitch in the game! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😖😖😖😖😖

Very The Room Like

This played quite like one of the games from The Room series. Many similar constructs and puzzles. If you enjoyed The Room etc then you should like this as well. The controls took some fiddling at times but nothing to seriously reduce play. I found the ending unsatisfying and was not sure that there might be more than one possible result. But a very interesting and well produced puzzler. I hope there will be others.

Game ending bug

This game has a bug in the Workroom scene that ruins the game. To release a shield,it is necessary to turn 3 partial wheels. However, the center wheel will not move, thus ending any chance to continue. So basically a waste of money.

What I love

I love this game.

Derivative of Room

A decent game, and beautiful to look at, but it was too derivative of the room games. I think some of the chapters were very strong and original, while others just reminded me of the room. I also found the controls not to work as well as the room, though they’ve had three go’s at it to perfect. All in all, a decent effort—work on originality, please.

Room clone, bad gamma problems

Room clone, bad gamma problems

Very challenging!

This will certainly keep you engaged----some of the puzzles, though made no sense to me and were just solved by luck.

Great game!

I am a huge fan of these types of games, but some are just on a higher level. If you liked the room, you will really like this game. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve been playing for hours and definitely feel I got my money’s worth.


Looking forward for the next episode

House of Da Vinci

As enjoyable as the The room games, if not more, as game seems to offer more clues to look for, lasts longer which is great! Will look forward to the next one :)

Nice but not elegant

It had great graphics but game play was difficult. Too many what the hell moments. Too dark. Controlling of the mechanics difficult. Too many times an important object is hidden behind the oculus icon. Turning objects usually kicks you away from the object you want to move. I do like a challenging game of this genre but this just was frustrating. I know a lot of time and effort was put into this game. It just doesn’t come close to “The Room” series of games. I didn’t get the ending at all.

Fun game

Nice fun game to pass the time.

Bad clues

Clues weren't helpful because they were obvious and too general.

My style

Much like The Room, this is my kind of game!


Quite possibly the most frustrating game around because of the programming bugs. It has such potential with great graphics and logic. Just truly lousy with constant glitches.


This is a wonderful and exciting game

Best of it’s kind

If you are a fan of The Room - then you will absolutely love this game. Well worth the price - and it is easily my most favorite escape style game to date.

Pales compared to the Room series

While it isn’t terrible , it isn’t the room by any stretch. Many of the challenges are direct rip offs from the Room yet not as clever or sophisticated. Perhaps it is unfair to compare but I do... and this game is mediocre. Sorry guys.


The game relies too much on the hints and leave very little to one using his own mind To decipher


Never thought I’d find anything similar to the Room, but this is pretty darn close. I love the designs and the puzzles test your brain and gives it a pretty good exercise too! Great job!

Definite Appeal for The Room Fans

I’m a very big fan of The Room series. This is as close as you can come to that game. Thoroughly enjoyable. Only nitpick I have is that the end leaves you hanging. Hoping there’s a sequel to pick up the rest of the story line.


Great graphics, story, and puzzles. Worth every dime! Can’t wait to see what’s next.... great job to the staff!

The House of da Vinci review

I enjoyed this game immensely. Although similar in some ways to The Room this game seemed to flow a bit more intuitively. The puzzles were my favorite part. Not too difficult but hard enough to be challenging. Keep up the good work I will definitely purchase future products.

Would love to play

Just bought the game (App Store) but I cant play it!😬 Can somebody tell my why I cant get past the New Profile - Name??? I try tapping on Name or New profile but nothing happens. Not happy. Tks

Excellent Game!!!

I enjoyed this game so much, it was the perfect amount of challenge and ease! I was grateful for the hints along the way. I highly recommend this game, cannot wait for more! Great job!!

Beautiful and creative, only one issue

I absolutely love this game, but I find when using an iPhone X on the latest version (at this time) of iOS that when one tries to move objects, they’re unresponsive and only the camera angle changes. I know part of/a puzzle is there but the camera just flails around till I think I’m dumb and take the hints, only to find out I was right and just need to futz with the perfect finger placement a little more. Other than that minor annoyance, this game is stunning! I’d recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles, beautiful graphics, a story, and soft music.

Okay till Chapter 7 Tower

Towards the end of The Tower Chapter 7, there is a silly mechanical piece with a clock like hand that turns and a series of glowing symbols you have to interact with. There is no apparent logic to this other than random movements. It wrecked the game for me.

Sorry I waited so long to buy!

I’m glad I finally bought this. I am having so much fun! I don’t understand the negative reviews. Similar to The Room games, but definitely not the same! Thank you for making this game. I hope you do a sequel.


Now that it has been optimized for the iPhone X, the game looks better than ever. It is a combination of fun, challenging puzzles and wonderful visuals. One of the best games in its genre, on par with the famous Room series.

Not even pretending it isn’t a ripoff of The Room series

I’d be pretty upset if I were Fireproof Games. The House is Da Vinci is exactly their game design, their gameplay and their intellectual property dolled up in less interesting storytelling. This game even has an eyepiece that interacts with puzzle elements players cannot regularly see. If you’ve played The Room series, you’ve played the original and patently better version of this game.


Difficult but a lot of fun,very challenging

Great Game

Puzzles very decent. Challenging but not impossible. Great addition to the Room and Myst genre of games.

Fails miserably at user interface

Where The Room was seamless in its execution of responsiveness to touch control, this game is clunky, slow, unresponsive. Complete waste of a lot of money. I do not recommend.

More like this!

I love this game. I am a fan of “The Room” series by Fireproof games. The problem is that the games are so detailed and deviously creative that it takes a long time to develop a new one. I anxiously anticipate new releases. This game is on par with all of “The Room” games. I love it and hope that Blue Brain will continue to build such high quality games. Thank you, Blue Brain!

One major dislike

The only real issue I found with this game was that you weren’t able to complete some of the tasks UNTIL the hints showed up and told you what to do. It happened on every level. Otherwise, pretty cool.


Some refer to this as a Room knockoff, and you can certainly see the similarities. I enjoyed the Room series, but DaVinci surpasses more recent efforts by Fireproof.

Hours of Wonderful Challenges

Well worth the time and price. The graphics are great and the puzzles provide a wonderful challenge.

Glitches Annoying

128 G iPad Pro 11.2.5 They really interrupt the game play. The Room series just plain work, which is part of what makes this so frustrating. Otherwise, very nice design and good enough puzzles. I hope they’ll get the minor but irritating bugs worked out.

Love it,,,,,

Great game!

Rough, But Shows So Potential

This game has massive potential, which can easily be seen by what it is very clearly mimicking, The Room franchise, however, this game fails to realize what makes The Room great is that it's not just the graphics, but the gameplay, the sound design, the level design and on all of these it's lackluster. The level design leaves much wanted, it feels half the time way to linear and the other half too open, with many things being very very very hidden with almost no tell. Many times after figuring something out I would just be amazed at how they thought anyone would think to do that, which ties into the hint system which I'll get into later. The Sound design... well there are a lot of ear murdering squeaking noises, and while the music is nice, there is only one track in the entire game. I found myself struggling with the controls on many occasions, where it wanted you to make this precise movement with the camera at a specific angle and the game just didn't want to cooperate. The hint system is horrible, it makes you wait a while before offering you a hint, which is fine, if the first three hints didn't state the obvious all the time. (For example, I had been trying to figure out how to open a gate for a while, because it could obviously be opened and it gave me a hint the read something like this: "There must be a way to open this gate." Then something like: "none of the keys seem to work on this gate, I should try something else." I had tried the one key I had several minutes ago a few times. Now images you have to wait several minutes between each of those pieces of information, and you can see why this was a problem) However it is still a fun game to play... just... it needs a lot more work before it can truly shine. If you though this game looked good, or have played the game and mildly enjoyed it even though it was irritating at points, I HIGHLY suggest you go check out The Room franchise by Firevault Games (the game franchise this one is mimicking) they recently released the newest installment, The Room: Old Sins, and it's great... all of them are, and none of them have the problems this one does... they are all masterpieces... just check them out... Edit: These are issues that one learns from, and with the clear amount of effort put into this game, I have high expectations for the sequel. I eagerly await its release, because if it fixes those mistakes it probably will be as good as The Room. And since the Firevault Games take about two years to make each instalment, I gladly welcome someone else trying to fill the in between time and succeeding.

Five Stars!

No idea why people are rating this game less than five stars. The story and 3D graphics are fantastic. The puzzles and inventions kept me entertained for hours. Keep up the great work! I’ll be watching Kickstarter and the App Store for your next release!


Very well thought out game with challenges for every skill level. You lose track of time quickly !

House of DaVinci

Fun game with a lot of challenging puzzles. Some of the puzzles were difficult to maneuver and tough to decipher while using the oculus but still very fun. Ending was very brief. After playing the game you would expect something a bit more of an elaborate story end.

This is a beautiful game

The graphics are wonderful, the interface is easy to use on an iPad, and the puzzles are a delight. Thank you for an engaging game. I hope to see more from your company.

worst game by this developer

i enjoyed the room games so i decided to try this one. it was okay at first, the graphics and art is so amazingly stunning, and the story is intriguing. my only complaint is that’s it’s too difficult! there’s many puzzle that have no clear indication of what you should do and i end up turning to walkthroughs since the hints are very vague. if it was a bit easier so that it still makes you think but not as often as you have to right now, then i would give it 5 stars.

Good game with a few bugs

I enjoyed this game. It is very similar to The Room is look, feel, and play. I found a few bugs, all related to the oculus viewer when it wouldn’t always show the overlay diagrams puzzles.

House of DaVinci

Great game worth every penny. A challenge for any aged player.

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