The House of Da Vinci App Reviews

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Waaay worth the purchase

I have tried so many different puzzle games, and this is one of the best. It really keeps you engaged and has a beautiful story line


Enjoyed this game...far better than just an escape room game, and far better detail. I found it ended sooner than I expected and I was a bit disappointed with the end, it that’s just me, guess I just wanted more....

Great casual puzzle game

A very nice, well polished game with great visual design. Puzzles were fun and at most of moderate difficulty. Looking forward to the second one in this series.

Love Love LOVE!!

Developers: Don't listen to people who say it is similar to the last...that's why we love it! New puzzles, new storyline and the best graphics, bar none. Keep up the good work. I will immediately buy every game you ever make.

I wouldn’t recommend for a small screen

I feel like the user interface is meant for a bigger touch screen, my fat fingers can’t slide things with ease as well as games like the room which worked perfectly for me regardless. Made the overall experience very frustrating. When you know what to do but you can’t it makes you feel like Shrek trying to pick up sushi with chopsticks made for mice. Anyway, overall very pretty. Sounds are fantastic. Story’s meh. Puzzles are fun. Gameplay screwed me. Again. Don’t play this on a small screen or you’ll want to slam your face into a window.

Great puzzles

Loved it. Wish it was longer though. Maybe add a sequel ?

Fun game, though glitchy

Enjoyed this game, similar to The Room series. Had some problems with the ocular device not engaging when it should, had to close/restart the game. Would recommend.

Love it!

"The Room" type puzzles all done well - not too difficult and very gratifying. Definitely deserves a sequel.

Excellent game challenging at times

Graphics great and rooms are challenging but fun. I enjoyed this game a lot. Can get frustrating with the medallion on level 7 however with a suggestion by the creators it did finally work : ) so guess it was a fault on my end. Thought it was nice they responded to my review. Thanks!

Poor compared to the Room

Spinning disks do not stop long enough to retrieve the object. Two of the three can get lined up but start to rotate before the last disk can be lined up. Disks don’t always stop. Very disappointed Do not recommend


Great inventions, story and visuals are nice. Music gives a renaissance feel and puzzles are pretty simple. Not as challenging as I'd hoped but pretty enjoyable regardless.

Beautiful and worth buying, but...

Okay first: the art is exceptional. The writing is excellent. The music and sound effects are spot on. The 3D animations are amazing. There is lots of content. The puzzles are generally well designed. My only caveats are: Some of the puzzles are of the “tap everything in sight to see if anything reacts”, and that can become tedious at times. It can become especially frustrating when you are tapping on the right thing, but because you are looking at it from the wrong distance or angle, it doesn’t react. There are also the issues where it is not a tap that is needed, but a tap and drag in a specific direction. There were multiple times that I had to ask for a hint only to find that I had to go back to something I had already tap/dragged in every possible direction, and find that there was a particular angle of dragging that I had missed. There were also some puzzles where I (at least on my iPhone X) had a lot of trouble maneuvering tiny puzzle pieces. It would require multiple tap/drags to get something moving, and then once moving, it would overshoot where I was intending to put it, and I would have to start the process again. This got bad enough with one puzzle that it took me about 3 days to get through it, because I could only play to a certain point of frustration and then I would have to put the phone down and go do something else. In the “take over Europe” game, its mechanics were buggy meaning that the game’s feedback became nonsensical and it got into a state where it could not be completed. Since it had no “reset to start” button (that I could find), I finally got through it by restarting the entire chapter, wading through all the earlier puzzles again, and then very carefully working through the map puzzle again to finish it. Another small annoyance I had was in the limited views of some areas. Like entering a large room I could see that there was beautiful artwork (or the end of the catapult) above me, but I was unable to scroll to see those things, I could only see a small area around whichever puzzle I was supposed to work on next. The difficulty of puzzles was also very uneven, as though some areas had been carefully crafted and had difficult puzzles that required some thought, but then the next puzzle looked like it had been intended to be more difficult, but was then rushed through with a, “Put key here, okay, here is your final animation.” And lastly, the obvious ripoff interface from “The Room” games left a bitter taste. In some ways, especially artistically, this game is actually superior to The Room, but the frustrating puzzles dragged it down enough that I am afraid I can only give this one four stars. If a game’s puzzles are so obscure that it requires you to use its hint system to progress, then that is a design problem. That said, there is enough other wonderful stuff here that — as long as you are willing to frequently lean on the hints — this game is worth buying.

Love this game!

Puzzles are hard, but there are enough clues in the same game. You just have to be curious and persistent. Great mystery-solving puzzles game that isn’t in the horror vein. More like suspense. Wish they came up with a sequel game soon!

Best of the best

Not only are the graphics truly spectacular, but the care and attention to detail put in the historical research of Da Vinci’s inventions are astonishing!! If you like puzzles, mystery, and history, this is your lucky day!!!


Game itself was pretty good but it only has 8 chapters ??? I finished the whole game in just over 3 hours. That’s fine if it was a free game not one you have to pay for

I know why this game is not getting 5 stars

It’s a pretty good game. But is is definitely a lift of The Room. But unlike The Room series, the game drags on, the UI is not as well designed and the puzzles are nowhere near as well thought out. Too many of them are downright frustrating because it isn’t clear what the goal is; others are pointless. The graphics are goo, but a tad too dark. Sometimes I simply get bored and will put it down for days. This was never s problem with The Room series.

The best! By far.

I played all of The Room games and loved them. I was searching for something that I hoped would be nearly as entertaining when I ran across DaVinci. WOW!!! This one blew the rest out of the water. I can’t wait for more. It keeps you involved and has super tough puzzles that fried my brain, but the payoff was worth it every time. I wish there were more stars as 5 just wasn’t enough. Please hurry with the next one.

Good but hard

Fun game, and very challenging. Sometimes the navigation took over too often and didn’t leave me with control. Some of the games were unintuitive, or required trial and error when there could have been a hint.

Loved it

Finished it. Fairly challenging. Worth it.

Amazing game

Absolutely the best of this type of game I have played! Worth every penny. Generally these types of games take a few hours at most. I’ve spent hours and hours playing to get through. Just the right balance of difficulty and information.


Incredible graphics, terrific detail, a game done with heart and understanding. Highly recommend. Thank you thank you thank you.

Not fun

Thought it was a hidden object game. It’s more a puzzle

Thoroughly enjoyed

Excellent game. Definitely one of the better ones I've played. Controls are good, graphics are good, and it holds to a storyline. It's challenging enough to be fun, but not impossible or frustrating. Will definitely look for other apps by this company.

Good game

Great game until the wheel got stuck on Chapter 7. Yes, I have read that an update occurred some time ago.

Great game!

Fun, great story line and puzzles. Some are hard though, and some of the controls were not the best. Sometimes when swiping or clicking, you have to be in a specific place, or it won’t work. Also some of the puzzles kept bringing up my notifications (the swipe was too close to the top of the screen). Altogether though, well worth the money!

An inferior version of the room

It’s pretty good, the graphics are great and the game is challenging. They basically copied “the room” game mechanics, along with the eye piece, puzzle style and hint system. Although it’s a quality game, playing it came with some frustration. In many instances the objects you can interact with are not responsive enough and will only move/slide if you do it precisely from the angle they intended it to move. Some of the puzzles made very little sense to me and were not fun to solve. Also, I found the hint system to be pretty bad. It would often give you clues for thing that you’re already a head of, like you’re trying to solve some puzzle and the hint would say “have you noticed this puzzle?”. Sometimes the hint would say “maybe I should use this item in my inventory but where?” Not helpful. Also the hints would try to forward you to a certain location with an obscure description of it. For example, it would say “there was a protrusion near the golden decoration that might be movable” and I’m googling protrusion and can’t find any golden decoration on the screen. Lastly, the eye piece only works if you look at the exact spot, meaning you can’t just scan the room with it. To sum up, if you haven’t played the room games, buy them! They are the original and much superior. If you have played them and looking for a similar game, this would do.

Well thought out

Love the idea of using Leonardo's inventions as a way to create puzzles. The ending was a little weird and unexpected.

On Par with The Room Series

Beautiful game! Hoping for more from these developers!

Like The Room series

I really like the room series, and I found The House of DaVinci to be of the same genre, and very similar in look and feel, hence I really like this game. Seems a little easier than The Room, and the hints are not subtle (so, I suggest you turn them off). Still, I found it very enjoyable to play, and I recommended it.

Not a 5 only because...

It ended too soon!! More levels please

On par with The Room

Great graphics and storyline. Challenging puzzles. Lots of fun. If you like The Room, you will enjoy this game too.

Totally worth it!!

At first I was skeptical about buying it because it was expensive. But it is the best game I’ve seen out there. I’ve played The Room and I think this is by far better. The quality is outstanding. There were almost no glitches in it! The display of the game made it very easy to get around and access your inventory or use clues. Also, you can leave the game wherever you want and it will save automatically. This means it’s a perfect game whether you want to binge and play the whole game in one go or take it slowly. Overall I think it is one of the best games of its kind. Definitely recommend you buying it.

Best Game I Have Ever Played!

Fun! Addicting! Relaxing! Challenging! I thinking persons game. Untimed so there is no stress. And an endless supply of hints. Which is a good thing because you’ll need them. Don’t think you will knock this game out in an hour or two. It took me almost 6 and a half! There is so much to do that you could probably play this game a dozen times and still not remember how to do everything. Highly recommend!

Great Game

It’s got a good storyline and great graphics. Reminds me of The Room.

Engaging and fun

This is my first puzzle mystery game where I do not need to continually make in-app purchases, and I love it. Very interesting and great variety of puzzles to solve with terrific graphics.

Decent game, but not The Room

I’ve finished all current chapters of “The Room” and was looking for something similar. I’d read that people who liked The Room, would like this app as well, so I decided to give it a try. First, the game has beautiful graphics. However, I do find it to be quite dark, so I have to crank the brightness on my iPhone up to 100%, which makes it a battery killer. I play when I’m plugged in so this hasn’t been a big deal. The story flows pretty well, but where this game fails is in the puzzle flow. I’m all for moving through multiple rooms, but when it’s at random vs there being a tie that would lead you to that other room, it’s frustrating. The biggest case in point (so far) is the Crypt and knowing when to go back to the Knight. I find myself using hints far more often which takes the fun out of the play. Sometimes I just missed something, but more often I’m frustrated that I spent so much time trying to find something and it turns out it’s so random, I wouldn’t have likely thought of it. Hints need to be much more clear as well. I haven’t finished the game but twice I’ve had to go to YouTube to see what the heck the hint even means. If you mention a cabinet, what cabinet?! There were multiple options for that and what you meant was, to me, a little box. Not a cabinet. I’ll finish the game because I paid for it, but I don’t think I’d buy a second chapter unless I’d read there were improvements.


The best game I’ve played in years! I love the room series so much, but I think this has surpassed them! It’s long, complicated, and the hints are just enough to keep you going. Please make more like this! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Absolute Amazing Game.

I love it. The mechanics, the gameplay, the puzzles, it’s all amazing.

Great game

I enjoyed playing this game. Some people complained about the game freezing up, but i never experienced any of that and i am playing on the 1st generation of ipad 3! I like that there were a ton of puzzles to solve. Worth the $4.99 in my opinion.

House of DiVinci

Well done. Encountered a few issues in chapter 8 but nothing earth shattering. And i have no idea how I got past the moon thing and I did it twice. Still not sure what I did and that does bug me. Anyway, this game was intriguing. Keep them coming! Thank You. Playing again but stuck in chapter 8. Can’t get past the thing above the moons. Sooooooo frustrating. Cannot finish game. Should have a time out option so that i could move forward

Beautiful and engaging

This game is gorgeous and enthralling. The puzzle mechanics have some rough spots, though. First, the puzzles are inconsistent: the player sometimes needs to carry an unreasonably large object, even though it’s usually something tiny. Other times, some puzzles have very coarse mechanics, so that tapping them is all that’s needed, while others require you to swipe at a very precise angle. It would help a lot if the objects had consistent rules for interaction, too, so that actions like “opening” or “unlatching” could be actuated by the same swipe input patterns everywhere — most objects are fine, but one or two have glitches that end up really glaringly obvious. Second, the clues don’t always help. They are often ambiguous, and might refer to several different things. (Pretty much everything is a “medallion,” apparently.) There were times I was stuck to the point of frustration, simply because the clues were ambiguous, and left me looking in the wrong place. These problems left me feeling more frustrated than challenged at many points. There are some good puzzles for sure, but better consistency across all the puzzles would help. Criticism aside, I was absolutely enthralled by this game, playing nearly straight through. The graphics are beautiful, and drew me in every step of the way. I’m definitely looking forward to more from this publisher!

Good, Enjoyable Game

This is a good game. Nice graphics, good animation, interesting puzzles, helpful hints.Easily worth the few dollars it costs. That said, the gold standard in this type of game is The Room series. It does not quite reach that standard, hence the 4 stars instead of 5. If you have the choice, play this game first, before any of The Room games.


Okay, was initially attracted to this game because of the great Room series. Graphics looked the same so I thought I’d try it. First of all, total rip-off of The Room, but not as good. Puzzles were tedious, annoyingly the same, and not logical. The graphics were Room wannabes. By the end, the puzzles were so arbitrary, I just googled a walk-through to let me finish. The final puzzle made no sense, and then — the game was just over. Honestly, I hated this game by the end. One star for just being the barest reflection of the Room. Sorry guys.

House of DaVinci

Excellent puzzle game. Kept me enthralled for days; even when I wasn’t playing, I was thinking about it. The mass of puzzles were each of different levels of complexity. Darling wife helped me with some, and I helped here with others.

The commands are too sensitive

After long time trying still on the same shape object to be modify.

Way way better than I anticipated

I play a lot of these escape games and am a huge fan of The Room series but this game has dethroned that series as my favorite. The Housr of Davinci it way more difficult yet all the puzzles are logical. I always turn off hints but I actually had to use the hints twice after hours of overlooking something and kicked myself when I realized what I missed. That being said the hints are vague and get progressively more specific so it doesn't spoil it completely. Once again. Best game ever!!!


Not worth the price for such a sort game disappointed I feel ripped off

Awesome game, but I want more..

I loved playing the game. It is beautifully done, engaging and somewhat challenging. I finished it in just over 4 hours though.. I want more. I feel like paying $5 should get you more of a game or more challenging levels.

Fatally Flawed "The Room" Ripoff

If you love The Room series from Fireproof games then prepare to be disappointed. While graphically appealing the game must not have been play tested very well, at least not for iPhone sizes. Pick points are infuriatingly small and the game designs require an insane amount of precision to be flagged as "correct" so you can proceed. It really takes the fun out of playing a game when you know you've got the puzzle correct but the UI and game logic prevent you from proceeding. I actually deleted the game rather than trying to finish it.

Loved it !

I’m a 50+ person who isn’t a gamer but enjoy murder mysteries and puzzles. I played it on an IPad and only ran into only one issue, closing a door on a small box, but my husband was able to close it. The graphics were excellent. The game was challenging enough to keep me interested and when I got stuck, I found videos online that were a great help.

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