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Nice try

This game is very reminiscent of The Room. All the way down to the ocular device. Though the controls are a little bit move blocky. It’s worth playing through.

Finicky controls

Edit: thanks for the developer response! Having a great time with the game after a quick clarification. I’m finding the game very frustrating as far as ease of control is concerned. Some puzzles are ultra sensitive, and some feel like a have to go wash my hands because the iPad doesn’t want to recognize how I’m tracing something on the screen. Any tips on managing this? I’d like to continue, but comparing to the Room, as many others are, the sensitivity feels very buggy.


I absolutely love this game. It was a lot of fun and the puzzles were a tad challenging. The only downfall for me on the game was I feel like it was short. I finished the game and at the end it said it took me a little over 4 hours to complete. Note: i only played for a day. I wish there was more to it, but it won’t stop me from going back and playing it again. Thanks for a fun and addicting game!

Not as good as The Room

If I have to make a comparison, I love The Room series way better. Plots and mechanisms are similar for both games but Da Vinci has less cohesive clues. Some details are unnecessarily complicated (need to match perfectly to trigger) and some cues from the objects are too ambiguous (movable but can’t double-click on). These details to some extent deprived the fun of solving the mysteries.

House of DiVinci

Well done. Encountered a few issues in chapter 8 but nothing earth shattering. And i have no idea how I got past the moon thing and I did it twice. Still not sure what I did and that does bug me. Anyway, this game was intriguing. Keep them coming! Thank You

A spirited immersive puzzle for fans of The Room series.

This game popped up unannounced in the Games section of the App Store, and I’m happy I gave it a shot. Very much in the vein of The Room, this experience offers a series of thoughtful puzzles as the player advances from one space to the next. Like The Room, this 3D puzzle game is antique in aesthetic and incredibly well-built as far as the production and interactivity are both concerned. I would overlook the fact that this feels a bit derivative of The Room series I keep mentioning, because this is very much it’s own story, and one really worth spending your time (and money) on. Highly recommended.

Fun and creative.

I have enjoyed this game very much. Much the The Room, but with some nice touches of their own. Unlike The Room where the jumps between items and acts seem to wide to figure out (that’s why I like the hints) This gam keeps things a bit closer. Well worth the money for the time and playability. Enjoy

When is the next Adventure

Totally hooked. Was a magic travel companion. Highly recommend it. Have fun.


Great mystery game,looking to find the hidden puzzles and tools to get to the next location solving the puzzles makes me feel how the mind of Da Vinci worked , a great genius and we even get to use his catapult also giving me the idea of how they lived in the time, this game also teaches me the history of the past . Paying one price for two adventures well worth the price.Have been playing. On and off for about a week now so it keeps me occupied and its not boring. Great game,love it,thank you for creating it must have taken a long time to make it into reality so far I have enjoyed every minute of this puzzle game

Top-notch play for the most part

This actually deserves 4.5 stars — absolutely beautiful imagery, a little too dark to discern on an iPhone at times, even with brightness turned way up but amazingly beautiful in the evening hours. The sound effects are really what make this game special for me… The Room had it too! All the clandestine clicks and clacks make my heart’s ears...I mean...ears’ heart pitter-pat. Challenging puzzles, some so much so I had to search the walkthroughs but still most were easy enough to enjoy. My main complaint and reason for the downgrade is the inability to switch between devices. Why?! Doesn’t make sense that one can’t enjoy on an iPad by day and then work a bit on it as they go to bed. Lol maybe this is normal for some games but I have played a few where both worked as if connected to apples Game Center or whatever. But major props! Would totally buy another one like this! Would love a Jack The Ripper or some time of killer/evidence investigation thing—not like the hidden object games tho.

Best Puzzle Game

This game is amazing! Just when you suspect you are about to beat it you find more puzzles to solve. The gameplay can be difficult and I suggest making sure your brightness is all the way up and that you may occasionally need to adjust your viewing angle to be able to tap on certain objects. The clue box can be a little annoying but overall I was immersed in this game every free moment I had.


If you like The Room series, you’ll like this. Recommended.

House of DaVinci

Love, love, loved this thrilling game! It’s executed with excellence! Starting with the subject matter; Leonardo ( how could you do better?), the graphics, the many different types of puzzles, with increasingly difficult complexities. The super creative mechanisms with parts you must go on a scavenger hunt to find is so exciting!! I had a few times when I was aggravatingly stuck. Had I realized the game, after chapter 8 (temporarily ended, right?!?) I wouldn’t have checked in with the app to help me out. I’d had tried to make it last longer and just kept cluelessly at it, until I figured it out , and then it wouldn’t have been over too soon!!! The 2 things I’d suggest is a few more specific clues. Not to solve it but to guide you at some key tasks. And the second suggestion is sequels... Thank yous go to your team; it is top notch and you need a life and a well deserved break... but am (sooo... )hoping you create the rest of Leonardo’s story for us! Please!

The Best!!!

Please just make more - every other game pales in comparison- excellent graphics, 3D, and logical path - we will buy more!!!!

Tapping could be smoother

Very good game with a level of excellent detail. Could use some work on a few puzzles where the gamer knows what action he has to take, but the mechanics make it a difficult situation which can create some counterintuitive tapping.

Good puzzler and worth it, but...

Puzzles are mostly good and the game is definitely inspired but I felt it lacked a bit of sequence logic and story that the other games in this genre have. Still, a beautiful game and worth your money.


The game closes on its own continuously And I have very good wifi signal, in this sense I do not recommend it, for me THE ROOMS, it's still the first.

Great game.

Really enjoying the game play, the graphics are solid and the puzzles are fun to solve.

Love this game

Love this game. It is similar to The Room series by Fireproof Games, which I also really enjoy. Great graphics, great sound effects and music, good mix of easy and challenging puzzles. I love that their are no in-app purchases and hints are free. Great game.

Best ever

If you liked the room, you will love this. Great graphics, enjoyable and solvable puzzles. Well worth the money.

Great way to kill time

Great game fun to play and challenging


Loved everything about it except the ending was a bit confused on how it ended. However it kept me entertained. Would recommend to anyone who likes playing the room to give this a try.

Controls need work

On iPhone at least, the controls are really bad. I played through the whole game, and have played other room games before, but this one was really frustrating. Some puzzles, such as the boiler near the end, are uninteresting and unnecessarily repetitive.

Lack of colorblind mode detracts from otherwise solid game

This is an entertaining puzzler in a similar style and approach to Fireproof Games’ ‘The Room’ series. However, it’s hampered by the eventual appearance of a puzzle that’s impossible to complete if you have one of the most common forms of color blindness. While this used to be a common issue, most studios have learned that it’s trivial to add either a ‘colorblind mode’ or to simply add other shape-based or pattern-based cues to puzzles, and there’s really no excuse to not make accommodations for this. For the dev’s reference, the puzzle in question is the gem puzzle in the Crypt chapter. If you can’t tell the colors of half the gems you’re supposed to place in the right place, it’s no longer frustrating as much as it is infuriating. If you can’t see the colors, you can’t even look up a walkthrough or guide to get past- you’re just done. I’ll see if I can’t get a friend or family member to handle that for me.


Great fan of The Room series. Puzzles should be fun to solve with interesting logic in the solution. I found one or two puzzles in this game very frustrating to solve. I had to refer to a YouTube walkthrough to discovery the solution. One such puzzle was the Astrolabe with the clicking tiles. Even after completing the puzzle it still did not make a lot of sense on how a person should have proceeded to figure it out. For me it was just blind luck. I also found the scenes much too dark. This left me stumbling around looking for clues. I believe a mystery game enthusiast, on discovering a clue, should feel the clue was cleverly hidden and not feel they accidentally stumbled upon it. This is the reason for three stars.


Lots of great logic puzzles. boss graphics. Interesting story line. Lots of play time w/o having to wait for lives or make any in app purchases. Too short. Looking forward to next game.

Loved this

This was a brilliant game and worth every cent!

Not worth the money

The controls on this game are difficult and I seem to be fighting the game at every puzzle. The puzzles themselves are not intuitive and I had to use walkthroughs to get through many as I could not even see what the goal was. The clues were often worthless. The only good thing is the graphics. If it wasn't for the fact that I paid $4.99 for this it would have gotten deleted very quickly. People have compared it to The Room series. Hah! Not even close. I'll wait for the next Room.

Great game.

A fantastic game. Challenging puzzles. Reviewers have compared it to the Room series all of which I have played and this game is just as good or even better. Hoping for more games in this series soon.

Love it!

The graphics are incredible! What an amazing game!

Best mobile game I've ever played

Fans of The Room series, eat your heart out! This was longer, more rewarding, more challenging, and more thoughtful than its predecessors. Can't wait for sequels!

Gets better the further in you get

When asked to rate it the first time, it was in the first couple of stages and coming off of playing The Room I wasn’t too impressed. But I kept going and then it got really good. It’s got several stages, challenging puzzles. I loved it.

Love it

While not as good as the room series, this was a fun game with some challenging puzzles. Hope they produce more

Similar to the room but lacks its finesse

Quite entertaining but not as good as the room.

Next best thing after The Room

The Room series are some of the best games on iOS. Everyone knows that. This is a nice approximation. There are some good puzzles, though not as intuitive as the Room. Sometimes, you just don’t know what to touch or move next. The hint system is very robust and can guide you most of the way. Removing a star for the imprecise controls. Far, far too often, I will be trying to move a mechanism or lever and the camera will move instead. Likewise, dials and cogs and anything else that rotates does not lock into place. You have to carefully align everything for the game to recognize the placement of pieces. Worth the price for me, but I’m a puzzle enthusiast. Took me less than five hours at a reasonable pace. But, there are lots of opportunities to get stuck. Also, secrets, though I don’t know there point beyond opening a new contraption in the tutorial section for you to play with (aka the “tutorial” section only fully opens after you’ve mastered the game 100%; makes no sense).

Awesomely Fun!!

Beautifully rendered, great story line, and really cool puzzles. This is one of the best!! Don’t expect new powerful games to run well on your old, crappy device. Reality check!

House of DaVinci

As with other games of this group this is an excellent game. Full of surprises and I enjoy that if you do get stuck there are clues, but only if you want them. Good work people. Thanks. This is not a sit down in one swoop start and finish game. As I was reading some of the reviews I see that many people were having issues with the occuli. I also had an issue but just kept loading it and reloading it till it worked. Worked every time. Didn't have to restart at all. Most of the time it only took once. One time it took seven hits. It's still a great game. I have an I phone 5

A masterpiece!

This puzzle is the most amazing I’ve ever played! The story is so compelling, the detail is mind blowing, and the graphics are fantastic! I need like a eleventy billion more games immediately. Or I will die of puzzle starvation.

Cant get past glitches

I am using iPad Pro v 11.2.6. I have tried and tried to hit target above door but it will not align. I have the most updated version of the game. I am very unhappy to have paid 4.99 for a game I am unable to complete simply due to a glitch in the game! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😖😖😖😖😖

Very The Room Like

This played quite like one of the games from The Room series. Many similar constructs and puzzles. If you enjoyed The Room etc then you should like this as well. The controls took some fiddling at times but nothing to seriously reduce play. I found the ending unsatisfying and was not sure that there might be more than one possible result. But a very interesting and well produced puzzler. I hope there will be others.

What I love

I love this game.

Derivative of Room

A decent game, and beautiful to look at, but it was too derivative of the room games. I think some of the chapters were very strong and original, while others just reminded me of the room. I also found the controls not to work as well as the room, though they’ve had three go’s at it to perfect. All in all, a decent effort—work on originality, please.

Room clone, bad gamma problems

Room clone, bad gamma problems

Very challenging!

This will certainly keep you engaged----some of the puzzles, though made no sense to me and were just solved by luck.

Great game!

I am a huge fan of these types of games, but some are just on a higher level. If you liked the room, you will really like this game. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve been playing for hours and definitely feel I got my money’s worth.


Looking forward for the next episode

House of Da Vinci

As enjoyable as the The room games, if not more, as game seems to offer more clues to look for, lasts longer which is great! Will look forward to the next one :)

Nice but not elegant

It had great graphics but game play was difficult. Too many what the hell moments. Too dark. Controlling of the mechanics difficult. Too many times an important object is hidden behind the oculus icon. Turning objects usually kicks you away from the object you want to move. I do like a challenging game of this genre but this just was frustrating. I know a lot of time and effort was put into this game. It just doesn’t come close to “The Room” series of games. I didn’t get the ending at all.

Fun game

Nice fun game to pass the time.

Bad clues

Clues weren't helpful because they were obvious and too general.

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