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Good game

Only thing I wish was different about this game is I that it had more clues. BUT loved it. Really loved the time played at the end. I finished is 7 hours. Not super fast for most but I enjoyed it. :)

A hit

Better than a first person shooter for me. Would rather think it through. Kudos to the designers!!!


Very good game, wish I could have survived.....

Exquisite game

Beautifully rendered and masterful challenges. Well done. Would like continue with a sequel.

Love it

I'd say it's the best thing I've found since The Room series spoiled me for puzzle games, but that's unfair. I like it even better than The Room games by now. I was hesitant at first to pay that much up front, but I'm still enjoying hours of play and many levels. Definitely worth it.


Fantastic I enjoyed it so much I can't wait for the next one. Loved it

Love this game!!!!!!

This game reminds me of The Room. It is challenging, but very rewarding. I would highly recommend it. Don't hesitate!!!!!

Amazing creative game!

This game is a creative way to explore adventure!!!!


Needs more stars than are available. Why can't other games be this quality? A LOT of thought and creativity went into this game and I have not made it to the end. Very well done!!!!!!


I've been waiting for games modeled in the style of the Room games. To my surprise, this was just as good, if not better. I'll be keeping an eye out for more.

Love the game

If you love the room, you will love this game.

Amazing game, can't wait for the sequel

I'm absolutely hooked on this game, and love it even more for it's similarity to The Room. It's exactly the kind of puzzle game I've been looking for since completing all of the Room games.

Absolute top notch

Best game of this type since Myst.

If you liked The Room you’ll like this

If you’re wondering if his game is similar to The Room, it definitely is. If you’re judging this game by originality you may be frustrated, but if you just enjoy solving puzzles, I think you’ll definitely be entertained. I liked the setting and mood of this game a little more than the Room, but some of the interactions were a bit less intuitive and smooth. Overall I thought it was really well done!

Wonderfully Done

This game has a lot of similarities to the Room series. If you like that you’ll like this. I feel like this game has kept me occupied for many hours and has significantly more puzzles than I was used to. I love the graphics and the story line. Take my money because I’m ready for the next!!

Beautiful graphics.

Very challenging.

Outstanding game

Great value for money. Puzzles quality was pretty balanced.

Bad game

You get stuck in the achievements room and are unable to play rest of game. No help from support. Very disappointed in game. Won’t ever use it again or any games by this company


I have no volume on this game. Tried changing it, closing and reopening it. Nothing. Short of reinstalling, I don’t know what to do.

Total winner so far

First, I never use any hints in these types of games. On that basis, this is a fun, challenging game so far. Great graphics, fun puzzles.....multi level thinking.....I play late at night with low setting on brightness on iPad. You need just a little boost from night setting for your screen. Music, sound effects,!!.......UPDATE.....I have completed the game.....fabulous!!!! I used no hints, and it took a long time, but what a great challenge!! A “must play” game. More, more!!!!

Excellent game

As a fan of The Room trilogy I really enjoyed this game


I loved this game. I finished it in 6 game hours, though it was probably less as I fell asleep playing it more than once (not from boredom, but because it kept me up playing long after I should have gone to bed)! The game was challenging but doable, and I loved the fact that you can walk around whole rooms an areas; the play space felt all around bigger than those in The Room series. I did have one small glitch- in the last area, I found a miniature flying device that I was supposed to stick into a camera like machine, except it wouldn’t go. The game thought it did, though it stayed in my inventory. Because of this I could not figure out which symbols went with which tube, so I had to literally go through every combination. Luckily there were only 3 choices for 3 slots, so there weren’t many combinations, but it kind of took the fun out of figuring it out. Besides that it was a fantastic game, stunningly beautiful graphics, and just all around a great time spent. Ive been looking for a game to pull me in with the challenge and beauty of the Room, and this definitely didn’t disappoint!

Great but errors

So, this is a great game,but, I am experiencing some problems. On chapter 2 with the gold globe thing, there are supposed to be coded reels in the rings on the globe, but they’re not there at all. Please fix this problem, as I am unable to continue from this chapter.

Complex puzzle for great entertainment

Great puzzle in its own right; no need to compare it to The Room—which I also loved. It is steeped in DaVinci, with excellent representation of working models of his inventions. Every contraption is Renaissance period engineering. Graphics and sound are accurate giving the “feel” of all the levers, gears and cogs made of wood or metal. Spend some time in the Achievement room after you solve the puzzle too. Everything I love in a game, well worth $5, and anxiously awaiting more like it.

Interesting game

Interesting game. Art work is superb Just a little dark at times which makes it hard to see what you want to try next. Like that if you get stuck somewhere there are glues that you can use. Great way to spend some idle time and use your brain without impossible solutions

Best game ever

This is one of the best games I’ve played with, graphics are amazing and the game play is great fun and makes you think about everything in room. Loved it I hope they will make part 2


It’s what you look for in a great puzzle game. It’s challenging, with great abstract thinking and clean visuals. I can’t wait to see what comes next from the people that created this.

Great game

Amazing graphic with outstanding ideas

New update makes game even better!

The games new update had a bug where I had to restart my game from beginning, but other than that, the new room has some cool inventions. Very challenging to find all the pages, I hope there will be more updates like this in the future. Keep up the good work!


Didn't want it to end. Waiting for the next game.

The catapult section is beyond painfully picky

I was enjoying the game until I got to the part where you must aim the metal sight on the catapult at the glowing target on the wall. The idea is fine but nearly impossible to do because you need to be zoomed in on the crank that moves the catapult to move it, but then have to zoom out to see where it aimed. This would be fine if the screen was locked but it isn’t so you must swipe upwards to see the target again, which allows you to move the view of the catapult and target in any position, so you really have NO IDEA where you actually are aiming in relation to the crank! Even when you manage through infinite fussing back and forth to get it where you think it’s perfect, you must double tap on the wheel to zoom in so you can arm the catapult, and this tiny motion is enough to throw your aim off again. During the past two days I’ve shot at least 25 rounds and 3 even went straight through the target and nothing happens. Unless someone can get me a work around this is where the game ends for me. It’s very disappointing as I prefer the point of the game to be figuring out the sneaky nuances, not aiming something on an IPad.

Wonderful entertainment

A lot of hard work went into this game when it was created! I love all the detail. Puzzles are challenging, but clues are provided if I got stuck. I like that it just gives a clue, and not a complete walk through! Kept me amused for hours!

The House of DaVinci

Oh my gosh!! This is a beautifully presented game. The art, music, challenging games all make for a thoroughly amazing adventure. It is one of the best games I've played. I rank it with Myst and The Room series. Yes!! Also, customer service came to my rescue in chapter two when I was experiencing difficulties. It was MY fault not theirs. Their rapid response and helpful directions enabled me to keep progressing into this game. I'm ready for their next one!! Com'on...


Best game I've played in a long time!!!

Holy moly!!!

I'm impressed! More please!

Challenging and clever

This is an expansive game, spanning 8 levels, some of which are quite involved. Graphics are great and I enjoyed the historical perspective, with Da Vinci and his creations. The puzzles are challenging and at first glance solutions seem to be anything but obvious. You must pay attention to every detail. Clues are there but some are hard to spot. Some puzzles reminded me of those from The Room series. The imagery is every bit as creative too. Looks like there might be a sequel in the works, judging by the way it ended. Overall, lots of fun and great brain exercise!


It may be the room games but a close second! I’m content!

Well done!!

The graphics in this game are incredible and it is cerebrally challenging. My only criticism is there are times when the logical connection between the clue and the resolution of a segment can be disjointed. There were also times I solved a puzzle through trial and error but never understood how I ultimately accomplished it. I had to use clues several times and I DO NOT like to use them! In fact, it goes against my principles as a puzzle fanatic. Nevertheless, I'm glad I bought the game and I would recommend it. Be prepared to use plenty of brain power.

Worthy of an Art Historian

Great game! Well done!

House of Da Vinci

Every bit of the room 3. Even better!

Love it

Great game. Not too hard or easy. Just fun.


Great puzzles for smart, clever minds.

Similar look and feel as The Room

Very good game. Has similiar look and feel of the room.

If you liked room....

This one is for you!!!! Great game...really enjoyed visuals, sounds and adventure.

Fun and challenging

This is a good game with lots of challenges which keeps me curious.

Best game

Great work and waiting for more.


Excellent game keeps me guessing


Fun and challenging room clone. A decent filler till Room 4 comes out


Great game, intelligent challenges and amazing graphics, I didn’t want it to end. Waiting anxiously for the next one.

Best game!!!

Play this now if you want to be completely challenged. Just forget about everything you have learned about gaming before .... graphics are wonderful. Thank you and please keep the games coming!!!!

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