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Amazing. Super fun. Hard. Challenging.

House of divinity

Great “room like” game but needs a save or reset feature to use when solving puzzles. I hated to have to restart chapter when I was trying to get thru castle puzzle!!!!!!

Bad bugs stopped from being a 5.

There were two places where it was very difficult to tap the right part of the screen. That would be frustrating but tolerable. But now I’m in Chapter 6 (7?) and I’m stuck because I’m supposed to move something and no amount of tapping or dragging, even with a good stylus will make it move. Nothing says frustration like being close and not being able to make progress because of a game bug.

House of da Vinci

Well it was fun to start with but I hope everyone sees this message because I am not sure what to do now I just completed the game as I enjoyed it it didn’t last very long there was grate attention to detail and everything but it was short and left me on a cliffhanger I hope they mention to do that and are giving me more because for my $4:50 or whatever it was this was not a long game I program and understand the struggles that they probably wet through to make this game as fun and pleasing but I would like to have seen more and not been feeling like there wasn't and end I got thou it in only about 5 days and am left with nothing to do with ie except try to make my time faster by completing the same puzzles I already completed in conclusion the story was short and cut short but what I got to play was very fun and detailed


I enjoyed this game. I like games you have to use your brain a little bit to solve. I wish they made more games like this instead of hidden object games. I do think the ending was a little anti-climactic, but all in all, I enjoyed this game a lot!


Who cares if it’s a knockoff of The Room? It’s great to have something like it to play while waitIng for #4!

Da Vinci rocks

Great use of graphics and thought mind Amazing


Great game, awesome detail, the puzzles are hard enough to be challenging but not so hard you want to give up. I think the price is worth it because I'm still not finished and I have been working on it on and off for weeks


This game was fun and challenging. Similar to The Room. Lots of great graphics

Love it

Reminds me of playing The Myst many years ago.....awesome

Like "The Room" series?

Then you'll like this one too. The gameplay and puzzles feel of a piece with those in The Room. Highly recommended!

Super cool

We loved playing this game!


A very nice game.

Beautifully crafted but a bit aimless

The work that went into this game is very high quality. The puzzles were mostly solvable although some of them such as the one with the suns and moons were a bit hit and miss. Since it was all puzzle the story line got lost. The ending was clearly leading to a sequel but was a bit abrupt. But it was worth the money.

Excellent Game

Really enjoyed the puzzles and theme of this game. Highly recommend!


I hope whoever made this game makes more. Thank you. CHRIS

Challenging Gameplay and Beautiful Graphics

This game is fantastic! Tons of challenging puzzles to complete and beautiful to look at. An absolute masterpiece!

Fun game

I really enjoyed it but it felt over too quick despite the time it took to complete it. No regrets buying it though and I hope more like it come out.

Very fun!

Very reminiscent of "the room" with a little bit of a story line. Puzzles were decently challenging and was fun to play. Some of the moving graphics got annoying when trying to maneuver around the rooms, but besides that everything was very beautifully and tastefully done. If you are a fan of click and point games, this is worth the purchase.

10 star game--Fantastic

As others have said, this is a "The Room" clone, but I mean that as the highest possible complement. This game does not disappoint. It is amazing, clever, and beautiful. And the background music is wonderful, too. This is a long game. I was always expecting it to end, but there was always another room, and another machine. It is the best money I have spent on a game in a very long time. Now that I've finished it, I'm disappointed it's over, but I have no doubt I'll play again. The game did crash a couple times, but when it loaded up again, I was right where I was supposed to be, and no progress was lost. It is forgiven because I am playing on an old iPad mini. I suspect this won't happen on a newer device. There is easy access to a hint button (that I only used once) that works very well. I have no qualms at all recommending this amazing game.

Great puzzle game ... but

Loved the long games & puzzles.... interesting and fun to play. I only had two issues with the gameplay. First, the hint system: trying to read the words on my iPhone 8 Plus was very difficult. The writing was too small and sometimes the color vs background made it difficult to read. Next, some of the puzzles were just too hard to understand or solve. The hint system was not helpful fur just a few puzzles..... and on some, I had to use YouTube for solutions. Overall, I enjoyed playing the game. Well worth the cost... just need some minor tweaks. Hopefully they will release a sequel.


Not quite as good as The Room series, but close while waiting for Room 4.

Awesome game.

If you enjoyed "the room" series you will love this game as well.

Great game

Great game

Exceptionally Entertaining!!!

I thought the game was intriguing and well thought out. If you liked 'The Room 1,2,&3 series, you will love this game. Not from the same developers, but very similar in game physics. Just when you thought it was going to end; it kept going. Well done! Looking forward to part 2.

Great game, but shamefully like The Room

I'd give this 5 stars for the entertainment value, but it's such a knockoff, it's almost painful to play...


I love a good challenging puzzle and this delivered!

The big at the end of part 7 there was an issue but loved the game

This is one of the best games since Room but after hours of hard work, I discovered I couldn’t get a puzzle at level 7 to work right. After many tries turning game and IPhone on and off, it did work. It may not have been a bug but something happened. The game is fun and challenging and would like more games like this besides the Room series.

Solid, substantial, graphically beautiful puzzler

Yes, it owes a debt to The Room for creating the new dimension of hidden object/escape games, but it still is a well-made, totally solid game.

OMG!!! More 3D !!!! 😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it !!!! Love you guys for letting it work for even an iPad 2 like mine iOS 9.3.5 Can't wait to see more! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!

Very enjoyable and challenging

Obviously a lot of creativity has been put into both the puzzles and the graphics.


After completing all rooms, I enjoyed every room those I solved with little help. This game has more interesting additional character. I cannot wait to complete this one.

Great Clues

I love that the clues are just hints without totally giving the answer away!

Fun, high quality, scratches puzzle itch

It looks, feels, and plays a lot like The Room. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing. The puzzles are varied, but most are intricate mechanisms that often unfold or transform in some way to reveal deeper layers and more puzzles within. Difficulty is easy to medium. There’s an absurd plot involving time travel and Leonardo da Vinci, but I’ve developed an immunity to bad sci-fi, so no stars lost on plot. At least the plot ties all the puzzles together in a logical way. Good enough for me. The art style and the graphics are similar to the Room, but I remember being more impressed with the Room. It’s been awhile though. Full game. One shot payment. No in app purchases. It’s not just a couple chapters and then you have to pay to unlock more episodes. You get a full game and it’s decently long.

Very well done!

I really enjoyed this game. I don't know why people complain that it was too much like The Room games. Big deal! The Room games were awesome and so was this one. Great job! I hope to see more.

Best game I ever played

I can't believe this game hasn't got more attention. If you love puzzles and tired of the usual games, you will enjoy being transported to another beautiful and mind boggling world in this one. I never write reviews but had to for this game. Try it. You won't be disappointed. To the developers: if you are reading this, more please!!!

Great game

Loved this game. If you enjoy the Room this game is great. I did run into a couple of glitches but overall I enjoyed the game.

Loved it!

Please make more. Much like The Room series this is beautifully made and puzzle filled. My favorite type of games. Hard to put it down and now that I have finished it I am sad. I hope you will make more in the future. Looking forward to it.

Very entertaining

I bought this to pass the time waiting for the new Room game. Yes, it’s a Room-Ripoff BUT it’s a really good one. The graphics are great and the riddles are fun. Well worth the price.


Beautiful artwork, challenging puzzles and intriguing storyline! Can't wait for next chapter to this story!

THE MOST AMAZING experience EVER! Even better than The Room series!!

I read one review mention The Room & equate this game to it, and I didn’t need to hear more. I immediately bought & downloaded this game, and I was ecstatic right away! It’s very much like the room, with the SUPERIOR graphics, sounds, atmosphere, and puzzles. I dare say that I even liked this better than The Room for several reasons. There are a lot more “rooms” to work thru, he puzzles are a tad easier to figure out without relying on the hints all the time, and the length is superb! It took me over 8 hours to complete the game, which feels just right to me. (Well, I’d prefer to play forever. But, if it MUST end, I guess 8 hours is fair.) Games like these are what I had hoped for when I bought my first iPad. BRAVO! Really well done, Blue Brain squad. :) Please make hundreds more of these, and I promise to buy them all!

Awesome, but only if you like plagiarism.

The game itself is amazing. The graphics, the sounds, the game length, the puzzles and everything else is totally phenomenal. Dare I say...better than The Room? However, I can’t give five stars for the simple fact that it is essentially The Room but repackaged. ZERO originality. Pure plagiarism. I did have hours of fun playing it though. And it did fill the void waiting for the next version of The Room to come out. I look forward to the next game by this developer, I just hope it’s not a blatant steel again.


Great game! Keep them coming!

Worth the money

Gorgeous visuals, slightly repetitive puzzle mixed with a few innovative ideas. Overall, a fun way to pass the time.

Outstanding game

If you enjoyed the room, then you will love this game. Similar look and feel but different puzzles from the room series. Worth the money and the effort!

Wonderful, fun, perfect!

I appreciate not only this wonderful fun game, but the people who created it, and believing only man is created in the image of God, this beautifully executed, creative game brought my great joy. Sola Deo Gloria!

Worth every penny

Worth every penny

Pluses and minuses

I went so far as to contribute to this Kickstarter campaign because I am a huge fan of The Room and was hoping this would match it or come close. Pluses - the graphics absolutely do. The puzzles do. The level of complexity does. Minuses - the hints are sometimes obscure, and are often behind where I am when I need one. I also needed them more often than I would have liked. It turned out that half the time I couldn’t figure something out was because my ocular device wasn’t working. There were times I had to shut down the game and come back in in order for it to work. There were also puzzles whose solutions were so obscure, I had to look up cheats online when I had no idea what the hints meant. All in all, it’s an excellent game, but I’m a little conflicted because I never needed this level of help with The Room series. Worth the price, and I recommend it, but definitely caution people that there are bugs that are apparently not worked out yet.

Great game

All around fun. Hints were helpful when stuck.


No sound tried the options menu still no sound at all 👎

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